Los Lupeños de San José

Los Lupeños was founded in 1969 by Susan Cashion and Ramon Morones. Cashion was exposed to Mexican folk dance at the University of Guadalajara where she was studying under a Fulbright Scholarship. Morones was a talented painter studying his craft at the university where male students were quickly recruited into the university folk dance company. Cashion brought Morones back with her to the Bay Area with the idea of seeing whether there was enough interest to form a local Mexican folk dance company. The response was overwhelming! With the help of the Consul General of México in San José and civic leader Guadalupe Suárez, Los Lupeños was born.

Over the years many talented artists have worked with Los Lupeños. The dance company has traveled and performed in México, England, Ireland, and all around the United States in a variety of venues, large and small. As with all dance companies, there are ups and downs, high times and hard times, exciting adventures and lost opportunities. The common thread through the years has been the passion of the dancers, directors, students, instructors, family members, and collaborators that have kept the original vision alive for over 45 years.

In July 2014 Los Lupeños became a program of the Cashion Cultural Legacy. Los Lupeños rehearses at the Mexican Heritage Plaza (Alum Rock & King) in San José, California.

In Summer, 2015 a new youth ensemble, Los Lupeños Juvenil, was launched with talented 10-15 year old student dancers that were ready to make the transition from classes to rehearsals & performances.

Leading Los Lupeños Performing Company and Los Lupeños Juvenil is Artistic Director Samuel Cortez, an experienced artist, investigator, instructor, and choreographer. Contact Samuel.

For more information, check out Los Lupeños’ website or find recent photos and news about Los Lupeños & Los Lupeños Juvenil on Facebook.