Artist Exchange Program

Conceived in 2009, the Artist Exchange program supports worthy dancers, directors, and choreographers in both California and in México by facilitating a bilateral educational exchange. The recipients residing in México have come to the Bay Area to study and to share their craft. The recipients residing in the USA have gone to México to study and perfect their craft.

If you are interested in initiating or co-sponsoring an artist exchange with CCL, please contact us.

Past Artist Exchange recipients

2010 – René González


René González Our 2010 recipient was René González from Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. In the Bay Area, René experienced contemporary dance with Robert Moses in San Francisco and set a new suite of dances, Plaza Guadalajara, for Los Lupeños de San José. Plaza Guadalajara is the work of renowned choreographer René Arce and was debuted in the San Francisco Dance Festival in 2011. In 2011, René also taught a selection from his choreography “De Rojo la Noche” which was performed by Los Lupeños in their show “Con todo el corazón” at the Theatre on San… Read more

2011 – Rosie Chavarria Peña


Rosie Chavarria Peña Our 2011 recipient was Rosie Chavarria Peña from Los Angeles, California. Rosie travelled to Chapala, Jalisco, México to work with CCL founder Susan Cashion to document the early days of Mexican folklórico dance in California. The product of this collaboration was the publication “No Boots”. Publications    

2012 – Ignacio Sánchez Verduzco

nacho 2

Ignacio Sánchez Verduzco Our 2012 recipient was Ignacio Sánchez Verduzco of Michoacán, México. In the Bay Area Ignacio took modern dance classes at Stanford University and set a new suite of dances, Tierra Caliente, for Los Lupeños de San José. Tierra Caliente is the product of Ignacio’s own investigation and was debuted in 2013 in a concert entitled “Alma de México”.    

2013 – Magdalena Vega & Arturo Magaña


Magdalena Vega and Arturo Magaña Our 2013 recipients were Magdalena Vega and Arturo Magaña, dancers/instructors from Los Lupeños that had a week-long residency at the University of Colima under the tutelage of celebrated master instructor Rafael Zamarripa. There they had both daily lectures and movement workshops focused on learning a choreodrama entitled “La Marcela” which was brought back to Los Lupeños and will soon have a Bay Area debut.  

2014 – Ignacio Sánchez Verduzco


Ignacio Sánchez Verduzco Our 2014 recipient was Ignacio Sánchez Verduzco who spent his second exchange training Los Lupeños dancers on styling, faldeo, technique, and choreography for 2 suites, Costa de Nayarit and Durango. Ignacio currently directs his own contemporary dance troupe in Colima, “Ángulo Móvil Danza Contemporánea.”      

2015 – Marco Antonio Ojeda García

ojeda web portrait 2

Our 2015 invited artist was Marco Antonio Ojeda García, master instructor from La Paz, Baja California Sur who spent a week working with Los Lupeños Performing Company on a new suite of coastal dances from his hometown. The new suite will debut in the Tierra Mestiza concerts on September 24th and 25th, 2016 at the Mexican Heritage Plaza Theater in San José, California.