About the
Cashion Cultural Legacy

Universal recognition and appreciation of the Mexican folklórico genre.

Sustain the preservation, presentation, and education of Mexican folk culture through dance.

The Cashion Cultural Legacy (CCL) was founded in 1995 by Susan Cashion, PhD. In its first years, the foundation was solely focused on performing Latin American dance. However, in 2009 its mission was redefined to focus on 4 main pillars: supporting Los Lupeños Mexican folk dance group, fomenting dance education by holding classes accessible to the community, sponsoring an annual artist exchange that gave young talent a chance to broaden their perspectives, and preserving the art form by researching, documenting, collecting, curating, and publishing.

In its transnational role, Mexican folklórico dance and music fulfill a multitude of roles including national pride, nostalgic introspection, celebration of diversity, resistance to acculturation, catalyst for social change, and individual artistry. The CCL strives to honor this place of dance in México and the Mexican Diaspora community of the United States. In July, 2014 the CCL acquired Los Lupeños de San José, one of the first Mexican dance companies in the United States, founded in 1969. In September, 2014 the CCL partnered with the School of Arts & Culture @MHP to bolster educational offerings to the community in the newly christened Los Lupeños Academy.  In July, 2015 a new youth performing ensemble, Los Lupeños Juvenil, was created.

The CCL has an active Board of Directors and a volunteer support group that ensures that its mission is adhered to in every project. A Managing Director and Artistic Director cover operations and artistic development respectively. As a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, the CCL accepts monetary and in-kind donations. Our Federal Tax ID is 93-1203502 and we can be found on both GuideStar and the California Data Project.


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